Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Justin will have his MRI today at 2 PM. it will be about 2 hours long, because they have to scan his brain and his spine. they'll have to put him to sleep so he can stay still through the whole thing.. two hours is a longgggg time for an MRI. the fetal mri that i had when we first got his diagnosis was about that long, and it is not a pleasant experience, but then again, i was awake the whole time, too.

he has bumped himself up to 4oz at every feeding now. he is still being cathed every 3 hours, and there have been a few diapers on occasion where he's had some pee in them, but they suspect it's just because his bladder is so full. zac, gg, and i went to a cathing class yesterday so we would know how to do it at home. and while we were around the hospital yesterday, zac and i did everything we could on his "Baby Steps" sheet to get him home. we had to do all of the little things, like watch the shaken baby video, but we also had to learn how to use a syringe to measure meds for him. then we had to do the cath a few times ourselves, which really wasn't that bad. his nurse seemed to be really impressed with the both of us, and we both got it on the first try. we also met with a social worker yesterday to get us involved with the spina bififda clinic that justin will have to come to. it's on wednesdays, so we'll have to come back in a few weeks, then it'll slow down from every 3 months to every 6 to eventually once a year. yesterday, the physical therapist stopped by too, to show us how to do some exercises for him to stretch out his legs. i did that with her, and she says to do it a few times a day, like when we'd change his diaper.. i know i can do it with him in the mornings, gram and francine will do it 60% of the day, and zac and i can take turns with him at night. we've heard that early intervention is a huge factor, so we'll make sure we do a lot of it.

it's looking pretty good for his chances to come home friday or saturday.. we just have to wait for the MRI to see for sure. let's hope this doesn't set us back any!!

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