Friday, June 5, 2009

well, there's been a little bit of a delay in getting a definitive answer as to whether or not justin will be home this weekend.

after his mri the other day, they had him on oxygen since they had to sedate him for the mri. his oxygen levels haven't been stable enough on his own for him to come off of the oxygen, and he has to be able to breathe on his own to come home. he can breathe, he's just not doing it as well as they'd like. the mri results came back pretty good. the chairi malformation that he has is mild, there was a small amount of bleeding, but they said that was nothing of concern, and the spinal cord had decreased a little bit, but that was expected after the closure. the neonatologist we spoke with yesterday said he still needed to follow up with neurosurgery, but he's pretty sure justin won't be needing a shunt. that's good news, of course we'll have to keep an eye on him to make sure his head doesn't seem to increase much.

otherwise, not too much is going on. they took a chest xray the other day and noted there was some small fluid around his lungs and pulmonary adema, but they were discussing giving him a lasix pill to see if that could clear things up a bit to help him breathe. zac and i are about to leave for the hospital now, so hopefully we'll have some good news when we return tonight!

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  1. Best wishes and lots of love to you and your family.
    Geebe and family