Monday, June 1, 2009

i FINALLY got to hold my baby boy today!!

i cried like a freakin baby, but it was such an exciting, happy moment. i held him as much as i could.. i had to make up for lost time! these past few days have been torture without being able to do real "mommy" things. i guess i got lucky though.. not only did i get to hold him, he threw up all over me, too.

ahh, the joys of motherhood.

we got his ultrasound results back from yesterday, and it seems as though the fluid has not increased (other than the .75mm after his closure surgery). possibly tomorrow, they are going to do an MRI to just do a check on his head. they've increased the amount of formula he can have, so he's up to 50mg, which is about 2 oz. with that being said, his feeding tube was removed today. i asked the nurse today with everything that's been going on and the GREAT progress he's been making how soon she thinks he might be able to go home. she said by the end of the week!! i don't want to get my hopes up, because i know it's not definite, but it will be so incredibly awesome if we're home by the weekend. i will be so happy. he's still being cathed every 3 hours, but he's been peeing a little bit on his own here and there. i know it could just be due to the fact that his bladder is so full, but it's good news, if you ask me.

zac, francine, and i will be taking a cathing class tomorrow to learn how to do it at home. i'm nervous, but i'm so glad that it's being offered to us, because it just makes me super nervous.

justin is now allowed on his back and he can wear clothes now, too. i just feel like his progress is phenomenal. i am so proud and so happy. it's such a relief that he is finally here and is progressing quicker than zac and i imagined.

here are a few pictures of justin's back, the first was before surgery. the second is after. it looks much better now, that picture was literally, right after his surgery. and with that being said, i don't think it looks that bad.

and here are a few pics that just make me happy...

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