Wednesday, March 3, 2010

9 months.

i took justin for his 9 month check up on monday... we got good results!

justin is going strong at 23 lbs (has been since 6 months). and he's 28 3/4 inches. his head circumference was stable at 17 inches. they were really happy to see how well he's doing. the only thing he's not doing for his age is crawling, but he is definitely showing an interest. he can pivot and he FINALLY can roll over on his own! one night last week we were playing and out of nowhere, he started rolling, and he's been doing it nonstop every chance he gets since then! it's so exciting when he does it. he got two follow up shots for the flu (swine and seasonal), and they did a hemoglobin check.. unfortunately, he didn't cry for any of the pricks, but he did seem to know something was going on when they were doing it. it's so tough.. i hated to see madi cry when she got her shots, but it breaks my heart when he doesn't! he cried the last time, and i was kind of hoping he would this visit, but i wasn't so lucky... (that sounds so cruel, but i hope you know what i mean!)

we have lots of appointments coming up for justin. we're meeting with a nutritionist next week. the dr we met with on monday says he's doing really well for balancing his height/weight. the fact that he's been a steady 23 lbs for 3 months is great. but, the physical therapist of clinic made the comment that he was too heavy, and that could hinder his mobility, so we're following up with the nutritionist. i'm hoping we don't have to adjust much, but it's worth it to fix any issues now rather than later. then we have an appointment with urology.. about two weeks ago, justin stopped peeing on his own. i was getting him ready for bed one night and his diaper was totally dry. i thought this was odd, considering he'd had a bottle since his last cath a few hours prior to that. so, i cathed him and there was 140ish cc's of urine! i was concerned, but i figured maybe it was a fluke (it was a sunday night, too), so i 'd wait for the morning and if it was a dry diaper again, i'd call urology. of course, it was a dry diaper monday morning... so we called urology, they wanted us to monitor him for 24-48 hours and see if it got any better.. it did. he is now peeing on his own again, but we're taking him in for a follow up just to check in. we're hoping/thinking it's the botox injection that wore off and he had to kinda re-learn how to pee on his own. we're still cathing him at 12 and 4 daily and then leaving the cath in overnight. we're happy with the results, so hopefully it's still working okay for him too. and of course we've got some PT and OT appointments in the mix. we are so busy these days.. it's probably best that i'm not working anymore, just cos i'd have to be taking so much time off anyway.

madi is doing great, too. she's so spunky these days. my sister and i were going to take her to hands-on house last week, but the snow decided to ruin those plans. i will be SO happy when it is spring and i don't have to worry about snow ruining every thing. hopefully we can get a chance to take her soon and we'll actually make it there.. i think she would really enjoy it.

we've got a birthday party to attend in a few weeks, so i can't wait to see all of the kids together again. they are such a riot!

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