Friday, February 12, 2010

ugh, snow.

can you believe all of this crappy snow?! it's awful. we've been snowed in for two days and zac and i finally ventured out for a trip to walmart.. a lot of the roads are still drifted shut and there were a few hold ups.. but it was SO nice to get out of the house!

i should've known it was going to snow, because i had an exciting two weekends of birthday celebration planned. it snows EVERY YEAR on my birthday. i can't even remember a birthday that wasn't postponed or canceled because of this crap. this year was the worst. last weekend, my mom was supposed to make me my favorite dinner (lasagna!) because shweener got her tonsils taken out today. of course, it snowed.. then we postponed it to last night and of course, the snow drifts were so bad we couldn't get out. i'm celebrating my birthday with zac's family tonight, so at least it's not totally ruined.

madi has been enjoying the snow. she went sledding with "the boys" (tyler, andrew, and amadeus) before the second part of this crappy snowstorm hit and she had a blast. it wears her out though, because after every adventure into the snow, she comes back spent and ready for a nice long nap.

justin has been doing great. he has started to reach out for people when they talk to him or when they're about to pick him up. and he is doing much better with weight bearing (something PT was really wanting us to work on). it's not the best it could be, but every day is better than the day before, so i can't complain. he's now sitting up for longer periods of time unassisted. he can pull toys out of the basket when he's sitting and doing tummy time. also, when we say, "TOUCHDOWN!" justin will raise his hands in the air. i love it when he does that.. it is so freakin cute. madi used to put her hands together on top of her head when we said "BALLERINA!" when she was his age.. it reminds me of how cute it was when she did it. my kids amaze me with something new every day.

last week, i FINALLY got to meet kelly (the woman i spoke with over the phone who has a daughter w/spina bifida).. and she was so great. it was so nice to really talk to someone who knows what this is like. we've been very lucky with a lot of the situations we've been put in with justin, but just to know that there's one more person to rely on when times are tough.. one who really knows.. it's an amazing feeling. unfortunately, we didn't get to meet her daughter that day because she was at school, but she had brought some pictures for us to see. i loved meeting with her.. it was great. she brought us a parents guide for children w/sb and a cute bookmark. i can't wait for us to meet her family.

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