Monday, March 14, 2011


justin said it.

he said, "mama." actually it was more like, "mamammamamamama," but it was clear and directed at me, and that's what matters. this was, by far, the most exciting to me of all his accomplishments (so far!). i've heard him say other words, but i've been anxious for this for about a year now. i cried like a crazy person last night when he said it. i'm so excited! i hope we are gonna be able to continue the improvements with his speech.

i find this area to be most frustrating, even more than the walking delay. i remember thinking when we found out he had SB, "well, at least we won't need to learn sign language." WRONG. but, either way, he's learning, he's communicating, and he's saying mama!

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  1. AWESOME!!! Music to your ears! :-)
    Love ya,Maryann