Saturday, December 4, 2010

what a difference a year can make..

this week, i was putting up christmas decorations. i thought back to christmastime last year. i recalled the many parties we attended with great family. i found christmas cards we received last year. then i remembered last year, when we sent out our christmas cards, we included our family picture for our friends/family. then i remembered how i felt the day we had our pictures taken. it was exciting, because it was our first pictures as a whole family (until baby number 3 comes along - in like 5 years). but it was kinda sad too, because the photographer had trouble keeping justin's attention with pretty much any of the toys. i didn't expect him to be completely involved, but he couldn't really do much to even get a good shot done. it's hard to not let the little things like that get to you, especially when it's all so new... but i remember thinking that day, we'll get through this, and we'll be able to include these pictures in a scrapbook of justin's progress so he can see how hard he's worked and how far he's come.

last year, justin was about 6 months old during the holiday season. he was still unable to roll over independently. he couldn't really lift his head during tummy time - a little, but not much. he still needed a bit of help with sitting up independently.

this year, justin is doing all of those things - AND MORE! he can crawl on all fours. he's working on weight bearing, and he's doing awesome with it. he's been able to stand at a "workbench" for minutes at a time, even! we've introduced a walker to him and so far, he's handling it okay. he has lazy days, but he is still willing to work with it.


big sister, madi, tormenting/helping judge reach for a ball.

balancing, with assistance from one of our awesome pt's at dupont, and grabbing rings from madi's head.

but, look at him now! look at these great pictures i can include in my scrapbook! look at these great accomplishments!

the last two years have been the hardest two years of my life. i've dealt with some very trying times. i know there will be harder times ahead, but i know there will be better times ahead too. and more than anything, i know that there are great things in store for justin and our family.

i can't wait to brag about what he can do a year from now!


  1. He looks great in his SB shirt!!

  2. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)...maryann

  3. :) Amazing how time does make all the difference. I remember a song I heard ago about how mountains fade into mo-hills as you keep pressing on. It is so true. A year ago for us we had a wee 1 month old and oh my goodness I cant believe how far we have all come. Congratulations!!!!! Here's to all the progress we will see this next year.