Tuesday, June 1, 2010

clinic update.

i am the world's worst blogger. we have been so incredibly busy, i haven't had time to update all of our exciting events in the past month. i don't even know where to start!

about 3 weeks ago, justin started army crawling! he's so quick!! and now that he's mastered the art of the army crawl, he's working much harder (and succeeding) on getting his knees under him enough to be up on all fours. it's so crazy to see that he can do it and push himself farther.

on may 19th, we headed to CHOP for spina bifida clinic. we had a busy day that started with clinic. first, we met with the PT there and she was really happy with him. she said he is still functioning at an L4 level. we were hoping to get him fitted for braces that day, but no luck. she thinks that he'll be getting fitted for AFO's at his next visit, provided he can transition from sitting to laying and laying to sitting. she suspects that is the only bracing he'll need. after meeting with her, we went to visit the pediatrician that, as always, he said justin was too heavy. after that, we met with ortho, and he thought justin was doing great. he did mention that justin might need surgery later (didn't say exactly what for sure, but sounded like tendon release). he didn't really go into it, so i'm not worried about it til it's more of an issue, if it becomes one at all. once we were finished there, we headed to radiology for his renal ultrasound... urology was my biggest stress of the day. at his last visit, they determined that he needed to be cathed more frequently due to some build up.. they started having us leave the cath in overnight in addition to cathing him twice a day. after his ultrasound, we headed to urology for urodynamics and they said everything looked good! we didn't have to change anything, anddddd, they took him off of his medication! there were no signs of reflux, build up, etc. SUCH A RELIEF. that made my whole day.

andddd, we celebrated justin's 1st birthday!!! we had a pirate themed party. we did treasure hunts, a pinata, cannonball blast game, potato sack races, etc. we had a great time. i worked hard to give him a great first birthday. of course, i couldn't find my camera, so i have to steal other people's pictures... but, we also took him for his first bday pics, and they turned out GREAT!

unfortunately, i'm having trouble posting them right now, so i will be sure to add them later when my computer/blogger isn't being so gay.

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