Tuesday, December 22, 2009

6 months!

i've become quite the slacker, please forgive me.. the holidays have me in a tizzy and i've occupied my free time with christmas excitement!

lots has been going on lately, but all in all, it's good news. :)

justin was only getting PT every two weeks and he recently started getting some visits from a nurse through EI.. she's been such a help. she and cheri (justin's pt) have suggested for him to meet with an OT now that he's around the age that he's expected to do more. so, i emailed our service coordinator and requested for an increase with PT so we have more time to learn new things since justin's really keeping up with all of his milestones for the most part, and i also increased for him to start seeing an OT. well, my wish was granted and he is now seeing PT weekly and OT biweekly, and the nurse, kim, visits once a month. justin's first OT appointment was last thursday and she was really impressed with him. later that afternoon, we had a PT appointment and during the transition, cheri and jen spoke with each other about justin and jen (the ot) doesn't think justin really even needs OT, but she said it's good that we were able to get her in there that way she can stay on top of things and make sure he's doing everything he should be. i was SO happy to hear that he "doesn't really need it." i'll still take it, but it's exciting to know that there are things he doesn't necessarily need at this point.

we took justin for his 6 month check on 12/1 and he was (at the time, can't guarantee what he weighs now!) 22lbs and 6 ozs. he is so big, but they all keep telling me not to worry about his weight right now. everyone keeps reminding me how good it is that he has so much weight because some babies really struggle with gaining weight. all in all, i just want him to be healthy and if they're giving me the okay, i'm okay with it.

justin had another visit with santa claus at papa john's christmas party from work. madi had a blast. we had the chandler family christmas party that same weekend and that was a good time. it was a little different this year with another chandler missing, but we know he was there in spirit.. that same weekend, madi was lucky enough to have tea with mrs. claus, thanks to GG!

hope everyone has a great holiday!!

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