Thursday, October 15, 2009

ei nurse.

justin had a consultation today with a nurse from early intervention, and i think it went very well. she was so impressed with him... it made me feel very reassured about a lot of things. she was really impressed with his size (granted i fear too much weight will cause problems for him to walk, but she said it's a positive sign because a lot of babies with chiari have trouble eating). she suggested when he's about a year old, we look into seeing a nutritionist. i'm totally game for that, i think it will make me feel much better about having some control over him being able to weight-bear as he gets older. she also suggested we have him go for an eye exam before his first birthday. she thinks he seems to be doing great, but she said it's well worth it... that way if something is wrong, we can fix it asap. she gave me pointers for a lot of different things available to our family and justin specifically. there is a local family nearby that she wants me to get in contact with. their daughter has spina bifida and it sounds as though her case and justin's are pretty similar. she thinks it would be great for our kids to meet. also, they just opened a new daycare facility for kids with special needs. because we cath justin, he would qualify for it... and INSURANCE COVERS IT!!! besides the fact that it is a daycare with pretty much all nurses to care and work with him, there are also children with similar disabilities (some even with spina bifida).. so i think that interaction would be so great for him once he's a little older. she gave me some information about it, so i'm really interested in it. i think it's great. i feel like she really had her stuff together.. she had suggestions for everything.. insurances, support programs.. it was great. i'm really happy!

we finally started him on cereal and some baby food. definitely taking it slow due to all of the possible allergies. so far, he's had butternut squash and green beans, but he seems to enjoy both.

otherwise, not too much has been goin on around here. now that i'm jobless, i've been back into my artsy fartsy stuff. i spent most of last weekend working on some things for tyler's halloween birthday party. that kept me occupied, but i think madi is tired of drawing and coloring every day, haha. she's been doing a lot of puzzles lately and it's absolutely amazing how well she is able to get them done. she's getting pretty quick at it too. she is so proud to be 3, but she's already talking about her 4th birthday. kind of a scary thought, haha. i've waited for the days that she was excited about christmas and birthdays, but i might live to regret it..

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  1. Lindsey,your positive and progressive approach is so uplifting! I admire how you are always game for something new,something helpful!Justin has an awesome mommy!!!:-)