Saturday, August 29, 2009

good news!

i'm slacking!

but i have good news. justin's visit with urology and physical therapy this week were awesome outcomes.

urology determined that the botox injection worked. justin is able to empty his bladder. both sphincters are working in sync with each other. so, that means, we only have to cath him 3x a day to make sure it is being emptied completely. they were really impressed with him. they said there were no signs of reflux this time, and his bladder "looks better as a whole." i'm so happy. i thought i was going to cry when we received the good news. this kid is amazing. i just can't believe how lucky we are. they were also impressed with how well justin could move his legs. he was fussy and hungry when we started the urodynamics study, and they told us that we could feed him while they we re doing it, so it calmed him down. they kept saying how great it was the he was moving his legs so vigorously.

then thursday afternoon, we had a visit from justin's physical therapist, and she was happy with the improvements he's made within the past month. she will return in 2 weeks, then she wants to put in a request for him to have more frequent visits to keep him ahead with everything. she said that he is meeting all of his developmental milestones. she was quite happy with his head control, eye coordination, and how much more relaxed his muscles felt compared to her last encounter with him. we need to work a little bit on his neck because he favors the left moreso than the right, but she taught us exercises for that. such a relief..

this kid is working wonders. we are so blessed. and thanks to GG and Gram for taking time throughout the days to work with him while mommy and daddy are at work! and we can't forget madi, cos we've caught her helping justin "exercise" quite a few times, too, haha. such a good big sister, she is.

madi will be three in about 4 weeks, and justin was 3 months yesterday! i cannot believe it. my babies are growing so fast. madi is thrilled for her birthday party. all she wants is cake and ice cream. she told me about a week ago that she wanted "chocolate cake without the cake, just the icing." i'll see what we can maneuver, haha.

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  1. AWESOME news Lindsay!!!! I started to cry when I read this!! Justin is truly an inspiration to all of us!!!
    Much luv,Maryann :-)