Wednesday, July 22, 2009

justin's surgery was yesterday.

we had to have him there by 1:15, and we were a little early. luckily, they took us back to the sedation unit right away... to make us wait for almost 3 hours before they took him for his actual procedure! i didn't think we were ever gonna make it outta there. they finally got everything started around 4, and he was out by 5-5:15ish.

here are a few pics we took of justin while we were waiting for them to come get him.

*this picture on the right cracks me up.. it's his grr face. he was hungry!
when justin was first born, he was voiding spontaneously and after his closure, he wasn't really voiding at all. luckily, justin doesn't have any issues with his bowels at this point. we were cathing him every 3 hours from his NICU stay til the first two-three weeks after we got home. luckily, his volumes were so low, that urology said we could begin to cath him every 6 hours, and if they were continuously lower volumes, we could go to every 8. last week, he had a urodynamics study that showed his internal bladder sphincter was releasing urine on it's own, but the external wasn't releasing at the same time, so there was a bit of build up between cathing times. his dr suggested that we do the botox injection. we scheduled for yesterday, which was his first available appointment. justin had to stay overnight in the NICU for observation since he is on oxygen at night. zac and i came home last night since it was only expected to be a one night stay, rather than attempting to get into the Ronald McDonald House, and when we returned today, it was nothing but good news. his breathing is fine, his heart rate is fine (we had an episode the night before that made me nervous), and his cathing was fine. we don't know for sure yet if the botox injection helped, but we are hopeful. i will keep you all posted on how things go for him, and definitely will give you urodynamics results once he has it done again.

the night before his surgery, around 1am, his monitor started sounding. zac was up with him, and his heart rate was in the low 200s. it's usually 150-160s, so we were super nervous. we stayed up with him for a bit til it was back down into the high 160s-low 170s, then it happened again around 4am. i called the hospital to see if we should bring him in, and they told me to call his pediatrician, so i did. the on-call nurse called the doctor and called me back. she said that as long as there were no other symptoms (which there wasn't), then he should be fine. if it continued, and if i felt better, i could bring him in when the office opened at 8am. i called kid's first a little after 8 and they told me to bring him right over so we could be fit into their schedule. they seemed to think that it was just a fluke, and he could continue with the surgery. she also suggested that they perform an EKG while he was in the NICU if it persisted.

after his surgery, he was doing great. his oxygen levels have been steady, if not better than usual. as soon as we made it back to the hospital today, they told us we could be discharged, so that is such a relieving feeling. he's just plain awesome.

here are a few post-operative pics that we took from yesterday and today.

ps - he's a whopping 14 lbs, 8 oz. feels like 30 lbs, haha.

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