Wednesday, July 8, 2009

early intervention came last week to see what they needed to do for justin. they did a few tests here and there to see what type of therapy he might need. he tested average and above for his age with everything, but the vision. we know that vision issues could come with the chiari ii malformation, but it wasn't anything too terribly major. she wanted justin to track a toy from left to right. he looked at it when it was on his left, then waited til it was at his right to move his eyes to it, so he didn't "pass" that part of the evaluation. they didn't seem to be too concerned at this point, so if they're not, i'm not. i had originally chosen to do a tracking program, which would be where no one would come to the house, and we would just track his developmental milestones according to typical babies, but the more i thought about it, the more nervous it made me, so i called early intervention back and let them know that i would rather have someone come visit once a month. it would just make us all feel more comfortable to know that we're not missing something somewhere if something ended up being wrong down the line.

justin's doing great, otherwise. still sleeps a good bit, but he's up for longer periods of time. he's starting to pull himself up when zac and i hold his hands. he's so strong! i am just so impressed with everything he can do and is working on accomplishing. granted, he's a newborn, but i feel like there haven't been any noted delays with anything yet, and that's a reassuring feeling to me.

justin has an appointment next week with urology for urodynamics. he's been doing really well with peeing on his own, so i am anxious to see what the results will be for this. i dread the trip to philly, but in the end, i am so glad we are only an hour away.

madi is quite the proud big sister. she's been such a big help with justin. she loves to help me give him a bath and to feed him. it's so incredible to see how much she's grown up now that she's a big sister. she's so funny these days too. we went to visit zac's grandparents the other night and she was teaching/learning body parts with zac's grandfather. when he pointed to her head, she said, "it's my head.. but i have hair." cutest thing ever!

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